Our motivation is your smile, the positive feedback and the friends we make through our job. Your experience at Wet Skillz doesn’t stop after the lesson. We are very glad to share tips about Rhodes/Theologos, our experiences about other kitesurf destinations, to help with what kite gear to choose, how to trim it and much more.

Petros and his team are professional instructors with many years of experience in several different kitesurf destinations around the world. They will make sure your kite lesson will be smooth and as safe as possible with good results and happy faces! All of us are high level IKO (international kiteboarding organization) certified instructors, and we can teach in several different languages, check below the story each of us has.

Petros Margaritis
founder-owner / manager

IKO level 2 instructor
Petros is half Finnish and half Greek. Born and raised in Rhodes he knows every inch of the island and all its secrets.
From 2010 and on, he fell in love with kitesurfing and a few years later he decided to become a kitesurf instructor and to open his own kite school.
He likes to share his knowledge and to motivate people about kitesurfing.
The perfect conditions for him are strong winds, a small kite and riding the waves strapless with his directional board.
Languages: English, Greek, Finnish

Andrea Vecchi

Kiteboarding Instructor

IKO level 2
Andrea is 25 years old from Italy. He started kiting in Cabo Verde in 2015. He immediately fell in love with the sport. He has been kiting ever since and has been teaching around the world in places such as Brazil, Sicily, Switzerland, Greece and Cape town, which is his favorite spot, as there he can boost the highest, aiming for the 30 meter barrier.

Languages: Italian, English fluently

Rescue Dog

Spithas is the highlight of the station, he is always there ready to receive your petting and the leftovers!

Christos Koudellaris
Kiteboarding Instructor

Has been kitesurfing since 2008 and teaching since 2010. He has taught in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Greece, Cyprus and several other countries. Languages: English, Greek, Cypriot.

Kiteboarding Instructor

IKO level 2
Matteo comes from Switzerland. He learned kitesurfing in 2015. After few years of chasing the wind around the world, holidays were not enough so he decided to become a kite instructor to share his passion and spent more time in the water.
Matteo has been teaching in Spain, Italy, Cape town, Greece
Languages: English, Italian, German, French

Beach boy/ instructor trainee

Our beloved beach boy, Andrei comes from Romania. He learned to kite with us in Theologos and got hooked to the sport. Since then he has been part of our team as the HEAD beach boy.
Highly skillful and always willing to help or offer his advice. Loves to ride and ride and ride. Andrei! You must also work!
Languages: English, Romanian