Wing foiling, wing surfing or simply winging opens a whole new chapter to the wind-water sports. The wing-foil has been developed through kite-foiling and windsurf-foiling and it’s relatively easy to learn, simple to use and it gives you the chance to enjoy the light wind days like no other Watersport.

With the experience of our staff and a lesson plan which follows all the IKO methods and standards we will make you ride in no time!



Theologos is the winging paradise as it offers the best possible conditions for wing foiling, no matter if you are a newcomer to the sport or if you are already ripping on your wing board!

– 90% wind probability
– Relatively calm sea
– Deep water close to the shore
– Moderate winds



– Small group or Private lessons

– IKO standards

– IKO certified Professional multi-lingual instructors able to teach in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and French



Brand new F-ONE Foil Wing equipment for all levels and weight



– zodiac boat

– radio helmet available to use

– All instructors First Aid qualified



The wing foiling lessons are very similar to the first steps of windsurfing lessons.

The first step is learning how to handle the wing and practicing the movements with the board simulator at the beach.

Second step is to get in the water, starting with a higher volume board just to get that feeling of riding and to learn to balance by handling the wing.

Third step is to learn how to get on the foil. This is the hardest part but once you have mastered the previous steps and with the right equipment, you will be surprised how fast you will be gliding over the water and harnessing the wind with your wing!


What’s included?

The wing foil lessons includes all the material needed: Wing, board, wetsuit, life jacket, helmet

After the completion of your lessons you will get the IKO certification

What is the required level?

Everyone who knows how to swim can participate in. No need to have practiced any water sport before.


– Group lessons

– Give it a try 2 hours: €150

– Get hooked 6 hours: €250

– Get Hooked 9 hours: €350

– Private lesson: €80 per hour



If you have already the knowledge of the basics and you have completed the beginners course, you can rent the whole quiver to enjoy and practice on your own.


Which is the required level?

You have to be able to ride upwind.

What’s included?

You can choose from renting only a wing or a board up to a complete set which includes:

Wing, foil board, wrist leash, ankle leash, helmet, life jacket, wetsuit.

Full time supervision, rescue service and a beach hand.


– 1 hour insurance included: €50

– Half day insurance included: €70

– Full day insurance included: €90

– 3 days €180 optional insurance €25

– 7 days €300 optional insurance €40

– 14 days €470 optional insurance €60