Once you visit Rhodes / Theologos will be your summer kite destination forever. Apart from all the historical sights, the amazing shades of the water and the beautiful scenery are what make Rhodes such a popular summer destination. Rhodes island has many other pros that will make you consider it your next destination for your kitesurf holidays.

Here is why Theologos / Rhodes is the best kitesurf destination in Europe.

Firstly, Rhodes is easily accessible as it has an international airport “Diagoras (RHO)” which boasts about the ability to accommodate daily European flights.

Rhodes is safe! You don’t need to worry about anything. Where to walk, if it’s dark or if you will end up in a bad neighbourhood, because there simply are none.

Everybody speaks English and several other languages, as Rhodes has been a popular destination since the 1960s’.

All areas are easily accessible. Rhodes is quite a big island; there are several places you must visit and many different ways to get there! Public airconditioned buses which have regular punctual services around the island, as well as organized day trips by bus or by boat! And if you prefer to travel independently, there is a huge selection of car or bike rental firms to choose from.

Value for money. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or a big group you can choose from a basic hotel room to luxury villa with a pool and all comforts.

There are many options for dining in Rhodes such as the simple but delicious pita gyros, seafront tavernas to first class fine dining restaurants. If you are on a budget or on a special diet, there are many large supermarkets all over the island.


It is windy every day!!! Rhodes island is the best kite destination in Europe during the summer season between May and October. Several spots with similar conditions on the west coast of the island. One of them is Theologos beach. We picked Theologos beach to set up our center because of the endless space in and out the water. It just can’t get crowded, we use 600m long coastline only for our center users.

The best possible wind direction CROSS-CROSS ON SHORE makes the life of every kiter easier and of course is ideal for learners. Usually the wind starts blowing lighter in the morning around 09.00-10.00 am and kicks in around midday blowing strongly until the sun goes down around 20.30pm, yes eight thirty! Super long days in the water and no rush to wake up after last night’s party!

Tides and currents?

There is no reason to worry or to follow the timetables. Theologos beach has no currents and the tides have very low amplitude averaging a few centimeters.

It’s warm!!!

Be sure that you bring your cool board shorts or bikinis, there is no need for a wetsuit in Rhodes between July and September.