Who we are

We are a small business, we enjoy making friends with our clients and really want to make sure we give a highly personal service.

The goal of wetskillz is to create a community from our kite trips to travel and discover new destinations, with you our new kite buddies …


Rhodes island is one of the best kitesurfing destinations of Europe. That’s why we opened our kite school here. The near constant wind, warm and safe waters, beautiful beaches and amazing climate of this island have made it famous for wind and water sports. These same things mean it’s the ideal place to learn how to kite surf.

Our kite station and the guest house share the same area, where the waters and meltemi winds await you just outside our front door in Tholaros beach located just 5 min away from airport, Theologos village and 20 min from Rhodes town.

Greece 😉

Just got back from Greece. It was one of the most amazing vacetions in my life. Friendly people, good surroundings, warm water, Good weather and a wonderful kite center. The Difference between the Wet Skillz kite center Rhodes and the other kite center on Rhodos is, if you just look 500 meter up at the beach, then when the wind turn over 10 knots, there will be a past 100 kiters on the water, but on wetskillz there will be maximum 10 kiters on the water, and it is not just as touristy, as the others are, and it makes it somewhat easier and safer to kite there.At Wet Skillz kite center Rhodes there are, place to sleep, car rant, Continuously open restaurant and bar, Barbecue on the beach in the evening, kite school, rascue boats and ATV, and last of all Friendly people on the beach :)Thanks a lot to Petros Margaritis and all the others from the Wet skillz team, to give us at good time in greece.Petros Margaritis I still expect a Lamborgihini next year ;)KiteCPH.dkGo2fitness HolbækHolbæk LiftWet Skillz kite center RhodesVejlebo & Winther Peugeot HolbækOzone KitesPerspektiva it

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Oliver Hansen - Athlete Page στις Παρασκευή, 28 Ιουλίου 2017


Your kitesurf experience starts here. If you are an experienced kitesurfer or want to begin your journey in our world you came to the right spot. We offer full packages with lessons, accomodation and transfer. So book your flight and we will worry about the rest.

  • All instructors are IKO certificated
  • Our lesson plan ensures  fast and safe results.
  • We devote more time with each student.
  • Better control and observation from the instructor.
  • Radio helmets to communicate in the water.
  • New high quality gear each year.
  • Variety of Rental Kite gear for each riding style.
  • Certification with IKO card upon completion of courses.


The team is surrounded by experienced (IKO certificated) and passionated about the sport instructors.


Kitesurfing Tones the body by combining aerobics and resistance exercises. This combination is perfect for keeping a balance weight, toning your figure and gaining physical strength .

Increases coordination and concentration- by focusing on several tasks at once , Also riding on the board is great to improve your balance.

With any sport you eliminate stress but kitesurfing gives you the opportunity to fly and that’s a good feeling.
By boosting endorphins and reducing your stress levels, you also boost your immune system. increasing your reflexes and reaction capacity.

Like any sport in which you interact with the environment, kitesurfing fosters respect for the ocean, animals and nature in general, as well as makes you breathe fresh air away from the city smog.

When you practice kitesurfing you become part of a community and meet other people that enjoy the same activities, which helps you to interact with people with common interests and tastes, improves your relationships and your ability to communicate. And most important, you know a group of people whom you can talk freely about your passion with.

Finally, we can say that kitesurfing allows you to experience new sensations, like the feeling of flying, increasing your level of happiness.

In this passing life we are here to try to be as happy as we can. So … What are you waiting to learn kitesurfing? The more you practice the fitter and happier you will be.

No Excuses

You don’t need to be strong to learn kitesurfing.

Don’t hesitate if you think that you are too fat, too tall, too small, too old, or too young.

Kitesurfing is not dangerous. You only have to learn it the right way. Everybody needs a lesson.

Don’t expect to ride at the end of the first day, but with the right equipment and a productive lesson plan, few days of hard work will make it happen…

Kitesurfing is not expensive. After buying your equipment you don’t have any other expenses. Fortunately the wind and the ocean is for free…


The wind blows from North-West and West mainly, that’s why we have the ideal side shore conditions for learning kitesurfing.

The water has a board short temperature. It’s flat when there is light wind and it can get choppy in strong conditions. In early and late season (April and October) waves are created when North wind is blowing.

You can see an analytic forecast report for the area by clicking here windguru.


More than 2km of uncrowded coast line to ride, warm and safe waters. The constant and reliable winds defined Theologos Kite Beach as the best kite spot in Rhodes.