Kitesurf camps – We make it fun and easy!
Book your flights and let us worry about the rest. Imagine a kite trip where all the research and organising has been done for you. The best spots on the right moment, handpicked activities, extraordinary local adventures, amazing food, charming housing and meeting new like minded people is what makes our kite camps an unforgettable life time experience.
Your kite camp / what to expect.
Wetskillz kite-camps are offered for all the level or kitesurfers. Wether you are a newcomer or you have had some lessons already but you are not yet an independent kiter, joining a camp is the perfect way to learn and progress since you will have a complete week to get the most knowledge and enough time to work on your technique through a safe and fun environment. Our experienced instructors will guide you in the best location, during the most suitable conditions and with the right equipment in order to build a solid base and to become a confident kitesurfer. And for the independent and experienced kiters a kite camp will offer them great accommodation with the best people, the best winds, the best kite locations in the best moment and unforgettable local adventures such the epic downwinders organised from wetskillz crew.
The community
The love for the ocean and the seek for the thrill is what we have in common. Solo travellers, friends and couples are meeting with other like-minded people in wetskillz kite camps every week, sharing the stoke, living unforgettable memories, creating friendships and relationships for a life time.
The best kite location
After many years of kitesurfing experience and living all of his life on the island, Petros the founder and organiser of wetskillz kite camps knows the conditions like no other. 
Therefore he picked Theologos Beach as the main location for the school and camps. What it makes it so special is the constant and ideal wind direction blowing from the side creating the perfect conditions for kitesurfing. A long stretch of coastline that is used only by the wetskillz camps and school users, offering space for everyone. 
Complete setup, all you can ask. Pick a hammock and enjoy the view under the natural shade of the trees.
– Access to wi-fi, cold drinks and snacks on the spot.
– Lockers and boxes to keep your valuables and equipment.
– An outdoor gym for those who like to stay fit.
Your kite lessons
We make it fun. Fun and safe, with our experienced IKO qualified instructors, the ideal conditions and high end material we make sure that you will get the most out of your time in and out of the water. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or you’re already kiting but you are keen to learn new things, we got you covered.
Your stay
We are all kitesurfers who have been chasing the wind around the world. Through our experiences we know what a kiter is looking for after a long day in the water. Therefore we have chosen our accommodation to take place in a traditional style stone-built farm house situated in the nature reserve of the valley of butterflies, offering all the comforts. A beautiful garden full of olive trees where you can pick your hammock and read a book, meditate or even throw a workout at the outdoor gym. Large size common kitchen for cooking and gatherings and last but not least, a big size screen to watch the latest kite-movies.
Combine action & relaxation with kitesurf and Yoga. Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility and balance. Two very important abilities to improve and keep you away from injuries. Get rid all the stressful thoughts and enjoy the vibes, the sounds and the beautiful scenery of Theologos Beach while practicing yoga poses. Sunset Yoga classes to recover your body after long days in the water.
Yoga types: Vinyasa flow, Hatha
For more info and Yoga packages get in touch.